Mt. Rosalie by Albert Bierstadt, 1866


Many people ask me: “Professor Sandstead, you are the world’s most fired-up art historian, what will you be doing this summer???”  To which I respond:  “For me, it is always about art, and this summer, not only will I be visiting forgotten art in lost parts of our country, but I’m going to attempt on my little bicycle to summit the greatest mountain ever to grace a landscape painting!”

One of my favorite landscape paintings is by Albert Bierstadt.  “Mt. Rosalie” (1866) was a visual love poem named after Bierstadt’s future wife, Rosalie Osborne Ludlow.

I was very lucky that the Travel Channel allowed me to do a segment on the painting.  They originally rejected the idea, but after we arrived at the museum, the director called the production company and demanded that we cover the painting.

Here is a video of the segment.

"Mt Rosalie" on Youtube